Find & work in London – Bakery Loafing

Depuis que je suis arrivée à Londres, j’ai décidé d’essayer d’écrire en anglais alors c’est partie pour le 1er post en anglais !

Since I’ve arrived in London, my first purpose is to find an alimentary job or a « real » job mean in social media or advertisement. But first, I need money and the easiest way to find money is to find a alimentary job. I wanted to work in a coffee shop because it could help for one of my personnal project. Suzie found me a perfect website where it register all the notice about coffee shop work call : London Coffee Job. Having experience as barista when I was in Amorino, I could send my CV to barista’s notice. I send millions e-mails and I had 3 interviews, this is the 1s one :

A lovely sunday

In UK, there is a tradition, is go to the pub on sunday. With my new family, they decided to visit me their park « Victoria Park » and go to the village. It’s a place where there are a lots of restaurants, shops & co. I saw a bakery so cute like in the canandian coffe shop, totally girly and the decoration look like an old antiquaire shop with differents chairs and cutlery and mugs, this kind of place make you feel at home. They put a notice on their windows looking for waitress. It was the perfect place to work so I decided to give them my CV after my I-though-get-the-job interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the I-though-get-the-job so I went to give them my CV.

The beautifull bakery and the nicest French girl 

The day I gave my CV, I received a mail from the boss asking to see me the day after. I was sooooooo happy, first CV first job 🙂 and with my huge experience in Amorino it was sure that I will get the job ! And it was perfect because it was close to my home, 5′ by walk, the perfect job !

I went to the bakery and I met the most lovely person in this world and she’s french. Yes, and french, because usually french people aren’t cool… But she was sooo nice and we did the interview in french. I talked about me life and my experience in Toronto, that since there I had changed and in a good way, she was really happy for me. She lived the same experience, but she left UK with her husband to Brazil.

The problem was :  they didn’t hire, she even didn’t know about my interview. Oh yes, the girl was the supervisor and not the boss so I’ve never seen her (the boss). The supervisor told me that she did this very often without warn her, so I felt bad and I saw the job leave far away from me… BUT the supervisor supposed to leave the bakery and she saw me as take her job. « – Ok I still can get this job and eventually with more responsablities and money ! » She had a meeting with the boss after my interview and she would send me a text if I’m hired or not.

I was so hopefull and so happy, I won’t be a waitress but a supervisor 🙂

Few days and more interviews, I received a text from the supervisor who told that she couldn’t give the job because the boss decided to remove her job after her leave.

2nd deception and I was still stuck at home without money and work, waiting for a miracle. Yes because it’s not only a job because I look for a « real job » and I had phone calls and emails from people who told me that I hadn’t enough experience or I should work on my english writting or « You just work in intership, we couldn’t take you… » or « it’s better that you beguin by an intership… » So don’t have this job was not really cool for my mood 😦

I think I’m to much hopefull…

But after a bad day, it suppossed there is a good day… but the next interview was different…


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