Find & work in London – Regent’s Canal

French epicerie and the french guy with a french mentaly…

This french guy send me a mail asking if we can meet each other for a meeting. I was so glad because it’s a french epicerie so suppose they have french products so perfect to sale it, and 30′ by walk to home. Perfect. For the meeting day, I decided to walk until the coffe shop/epicerie. I walked along the Regent’s Canal but I didn’t take picture so it will be Pinterest pictures guys !

Regent Canal

But I didn’t know what’s happening in my mind but I left home at 9am and my meeting was at 10:30am; I have only 30′ walk to go there but I left 1 and hal hour before the interview… Really guy I don’t know… Sometimes my scared to be late make me doing weird things. It was a nice day and I was in a nice place.

When it was time for the interview, I entered in a beautifull epicerie; it a mix of coffee shop and food shop with cheese area, wine area, french product area and bakery area. Because it was a interview I didn’t take picture but I found a revue with a lots of pictures : LINK

I meet the manager, first impression he looked nice with his french hat, le béret, typical french… #comeon. He presented le coffe shop, how he manages the team and how the shop works. And after that, I should present myself, so I talked about my experience in Toronto and my experience as a waitress/barista in Amorino. He was attentive until I said that all my experience in Amorino was during my spare time or holiday and he changed his behaviour… He was looking around and asking me to repeat myself and at the exactly moment I realized that I wasn’t interesting for him. At the end of the interview we stopped to speak in english and we switched in french and told me :

– That I hadn’t enought experience to work in a coffee shop because I just worked only part time

– That I couldn’t understand because I arrived at a period of my life where I can’t understand #????

– And sale cheese, I need to know everything about cheese and the same for the wine. That I needed particular skills in order to be « perfect » #whichis?

ARE YOU KIDING ME? Men, you sale coffee, you don’t gouverne UK, please !

find a work

He talked for me about what is life and what kind of skills that I suposse to have #what… I worked 5 years 6 day per week and he thinks that can’t understand life but who he thinks he is? He was rude because he told me a « good by » without check my hand and left quickly without bring me to the door… He told me that he will sent to me a mail, I’m still waiting the mail..

The worst wasn’t this interview, it was about my confident, I had a lots of interviws for the « real » job and they all said to me « you don’t have enough skills », same excuse each time… For the « real job » I can understand, I will represent the company’s image so if my englsih isn’t good it’s bad for the company. But for a coffe shop heard the same speech, I was like « If I can’t even work in a coffe shop because I don’t have enough skill where I might suppose to work… »

When I came back home, I talked to Suzie about the interview and she was shocked as me. She told me it was better to not work with this type of people because if he’s like this during the interview, he will be awful during the work. #nothanks

I was shoked about his speech that I couldn’t say a word because I didn’t know if it was real or not… I felt outside of my body looking at me and him. When I talked about the interview with my friends, everybody asked me why I didn’t answer me because I said anything to him just listening his fake words… And I realized « what for?  » This guy want to be above me because he has an inferiority complex or feel uncomfortable and needs to look down people to feel much better. Answer him, to prove what ? That I’m better than him, that my words could be hadder than his. No I’m not like that, he feels probably sad about his personnality or his life, I’m as happy person, I don’t need to look down people to feel better.

I don’t care about the interview, I care about a guy things because he’s probably 40 he can talk for me and know everything about me… Typical french and after thinking I realized that when I knew he was french, I knew that it would happened something different during the interview relative to a interview with a british. They look the experience and match experience with skills. The french guy just saw a part time = not enough skills. How he can judge people only with a paper, that so sad…

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